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    Check if it drops or not - Simulation

    Tiago Silva

      Hello, how I can check if an object drops or not in the ground with a force applied. Or check virtually what maximum height the object bears before falling down.


      The object it's a pulpit to speak on a stage. And the force is the man who is speaking holding the hands on the sides of the pulpit.


      Check an example below:




      Thanks for helping.

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          Ryan Dark

          Hi Tiago,

          I am not totally sure of the situation you are describing but I mocked up an example model and with an example study in it.  In this study the lectern is fixtured at the bottom to make sure there are no rigid body motions in the analysis.  I then placed two split lines onto the left and right sides of the lectern where a speaker might place their hands.  On this split line faces I applied the equivalent of an adult male as though they were applying all their weight to the structure in these locations.


          Attached is the mock up.  You may want to take a look through it is apply a similar setup to your own design.