Matt Feider

how to eval performance of models?

Discussion created by Matt Feider on Feb 24, 2009
I have often wondered how to eval the performance of models to be used in an assembly. I think this is a more difficult topic than just a simple review. Basically if I tell someone that a model is too complex and needs to be simplified how is a user to tell if they are going in the right direction

There are tools that I can think of
1. filesize - may have some indication of open time, but also increases with configurations and other tricks that actually simplify
2. feature statistics - really only tells rebuild time, which hopefully doesn't happen all the time.
3. utilities - simplify assemblies - helps by suppressing components of assemblies based on criteria such as size, etc. But doesn't help with main models.
4. utilities - geometry analysis - can help find bad areas but doesn't really help with simplification.

In our case (and I suspect in a lot of peoples cases) we are dealing with downloaded geometry that is causing much of the problem. Often we get a hydraulic motor that has the heat fins, spline to interface to shaft, logo (text embossed), etc. All we really need is the general space claim, mounting holes, and output shaft location. We don't really want to model these from scratch and are exploring ways to just simplify models.

My idea is this and I am looking for comments suggestions. I am thinking of a macro that will count edges and surfaces and just report statistics. My thought is these numbers may represent complexity as that is what I have been trying to estimate manually. I know there is a degree of complexity to each surface but I am not sure how to factor that in.

I am willing to share macro back to see if this benefits others. Please let me know if anyone has more suggestions or other ideas. Perhaps there is something built in that I am over looking