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Carbon footprint value mismatch

Question asked by Ofer Ben-Dov on Jun 22, 2018

While working with the Sustainability Module on several assemblies we found a mismatch between the overall carbon footprint as it shows in the Environmental Impact summary page of the Sustainability Report, and the carbon footprint value if calculated manually from the total carbon breakdown of the assembly. The differences are not small. The Sustainability Report shows a value 25% higher. The analysis was done without accounting for the ‘use-phase’, looking at a cradle-to-gate including end-of-life.

We reported the issue and received the following reply: “The technician was able to replicate the mismatch in other assemblies. He has assigned SPR (service pack request) 1084312 to this issue.”. This was more than 4 weeks ago and we heard nothing since.

I’m not aware to any notice from SolidWorks notifying users of this issue. We stopped using the Sustainability Module as a result because we don’t know which number to trust.

Did anyone else encounter this issue ?