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    Use dispatch with Set Revision?

    Scott Wheeler

      Can Dispatch be used to run the Set Revision command found under the Explorer Modify menu?


      Ideally, I'd like to create a dispatch to prompt the user for a revision letter and then have dispatch run the Set Revision command to assign the corresponding revision scheme value based on user input value.  This would allow batch processing of files to set the revision scheme.  Currently, a user has to manually select a revision for each item shown in the Set Revision dialog box.  There is now way to select all files and set them to a revision.

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          Joy Garon

          Hi Scott,


          Do the files already have revisions? (custom property)

          Or is that what you want to use dispatch for?



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              Scott Wheeler

              Yes, the  "Rev" variable exists in the Templates Custom Properties (not configuration specific).


              I'd like the Dispatch to take input from the user, such as "C", and then use the Set Revision function to update the Rev Scheme for the selected files to C and then set the value of "Rev" to "C".


              Then the next time a user pushes the files through our workflow, the next revision (D) would be assigned when they are released.


              The current utility in PDM for Set Revision can do this, but there is no way to have all selected files be assigned the same selected revision.  Instead a user has to select each file individual and assign the revision value.  Very annoying that there is not a Ctrl-A option to batch process files.