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Decal cut off

Question asked by Uchenna Offor on Jun 21, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2018 by ömür tokman

Hello all,


I am trying to get two decals to show on a certain view (front plane view), but for the black decal, I couldn't get it to show completely on the front plane view (using cylindrical and label decal mapping) but I was able to get it on the back plane view (which is okay I guess, but I really prefer it to show on the front plane view). Now, for the biohazard decal, I need that to show on the same plane view as the black label, but it cuts off for some reason when I try to align it with the black label on the back plane view. I used label and cylindrical view, but they didn't work. I tried the projection view but it showed both the label on the front plane and back plane view.


Is this a bug or something? I posted the models for people who want to recreate it. Sorry I don't have the black label now.