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    How to get Balloon Leaders to be spaced off the Part

    Ben Langdon

      In an exploded View with a Bom in a drawing, I need the leader lines to be spaced (not touching) the part.


      btw. I am fully aware that this does not coincide with proper standards, but it is the standard the person who pays me. Before, these balloons were put in as notes and had no linking between the Bom and the exploded diagram, which is utterly insane.

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          Andrew Schutte


          You won't like this reply, but so far as I know it's not possible, as the balloon get's it's identify based on the object it's connected to. The only exception is if you disable the leader.


          So, a possible (although not pleasurable work-flow) could be:

          1. Insert a BOM
          2. Balloon all the items necessary
          3. Remove the leaders from all the ballons
          4. Draw in the "not leader leader" line you need to get paid

          That's the best I can come up with, perhaps there's some other tick I don't know about.

          The good news is the balloons (while not being connected) do update/change if items are added/removed or the BOM is re-ordered. The bad news is if the design changes a lot you don't exactly know where the balloons are pointing to, in such instances you could always turn the leaders back on.

          I would certainly try to convince your customer to adapt a standard that's actually supported via standard software.

          The only other option might be Composer, I don't know that software well (at all), but they have some alternative options in area's like this.

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              Ben Langdon

              thanks, that a good enough work around.

              the customer is my boss, and sometimes he wants me to make stuff for him, but he uses all these odd standards that seem to follow nothing i know of. not architectural, not mechanical and definitely nothing from the asme standards. I cringe every time he sends one of my drawing to a big customer, knowing that there multi million dollar company's engineering department is going to look at them and laugh, because they are ridiculous. a lot of the time it results in sales, so, w/e.