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Lines added to a Break View export to DWG as a block.

Discussion created by Tom Gagnon on Jun 21, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2018 by Alex Lachance

This function surprised me. It's very handy, where applicable. I could not find settings to enable, disable, or expand its function. Ref. 2018 SP2.


I have views with break lines (Break View command). Inside those views are Hidden layer lines which are converted from reference sketches (pseudo enveloped) inside components, as well as converted from faces of a body which is then hidden to reveal what is behind a transparent enclosure panel (a safety splash guard). I also added blocks on Text layer in these views to call out connection points. There are also proper annotation entities in the views: center lines, dimensions, notes, each on their respective layers.


So, when I exported these drawings to DWG, at first I was put off that my Hidden layer lines were not red per layer properties, but they were dashed. Everything else had come through from layer properties for the most part. Easy enough fix.. select, Color by layer, Linetype by layer, assign to H layer.. done. I had anticipated having to select all the lines to change, carefully in 2D where they overlapped with model objects. Selecting any part of it quickly revealed that it treated all lines added to this view into one block. This made it very easy to fix.


What added into this new block: lines regardless of source, blocks.

What did not add to the block: annotations, model objects.


This did not apply to all of my views across many sheets of drawings. From what I can tell, it only applied to views which contained a Break!


I did not mark this as a question, so I do not require answers in this opened discussion. Is this a Feature or a Bug? Is this capable of being added to other or all views? Is it possible to trigger this behavior by adding a tiny Break into an edge of a view which would make it look normal but function like a break? Has it always done this? Is it something you'd trigger or something you'd avoid, or something you think should be fixed?