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    Labels in a Detail

    Steve Krause

      How do I  place a Label that points to something in a Detail?  When I select Label I can place one that attaches to an Actor in a View.  But I want to point to small parts/Actors that are inside a Detail.  The Label tool doesn't seem to attach to anything inside a Detail.

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          Heiko Sohnholz

          A detail is ONCE created; see it as an picture you take. No change afterwards will be seen in this detail (dynamically).

          With this said, you have to create your label, make all your settings right and then CREATE. After that you might hide the label… If something changes, you are able to select the detail and choose "Update" to create the detail new...


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            Heiko Sohnholz

            And let me share one cool feature when creating details. You don't have to zoom or hide other actors just to get a screw eg isolated. You only have to select the actor bevor you hit create:


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              John Wylie

              I make new view in Composer to create the Detail from. Put the labels on in this view and save/update it.  Then make the Detail View from it.

              Switch to your main view where you want to see the Detail View. Turn on the Detail so it shows, then make the leader, change the properties, etc. (as Heiko mentioned, this will not dynamically update so you will have to repeat the process if you need to make changes)