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C# Capabilities

Question asked by Zach Ahern on Jun 21, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2018 by Amen Allah Jlili

I'm an intern at an engineering company and my TLDR is basically this:


I'm trying to save the company money by taking away projects from our overworked machinist and 3D printing the parts instead. The issue I have is when I'm gone, there going to have to pay a full time engineer or CAD technician to model these parts which just won't happen. I was wondering if I could make a sort of automated system that will cut the time down to model to be hardly an inconvenience. 


The issue is I know nothing about C# (really only have arduino and matlab experience), but it seems like the software to do the trick. All I want it to do is carry out several features already is solidworks. I've attached a short slideshow walking through the best case scenario of what I want it to do.


Should C# do the trick? Is it worth learning completely from scratch? Can I learn the language and do what I want it to in a month and a half? What in my plan is unrealistic or impossible?


Any insight would help a ton!