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    VBA - String & SubString Manipulation

    Cad Admin

      I'm looking for some help with string manipulation in regards to extracting a sub-string out of a string.

      I need to extract a 6 digit numeric string from a file path.



      Path length and verbiage wi always be different.

      There will always be only 1 (6) digit numeric string in the path (other numbers will appear



      X:\Projects\Company\location\Line 1557 Transfer Case Asm Line\Mechanical Design\Design\152655 - Conveyor System\A2500

      Z:\Projects\Company\location\1258 Leak tester\Mechanical Design\Design\652875 - Marking System

      N:\Projects\Company\location\welding fixture\Mechanical Design\Design\789634 - Test System\A1000


      Again, Looking to extract the RED (6) Digit numeric sub-string.


      Side-Note: Thought of possibly extracting between the \ & the -, so extract "\123456 -", then manipulate that string down to 123456...however getting the first initial sub-string is escaping me.