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    Revision Number Linkable to BOM?

    Joe Haglund

      I'd like to add a Revision column to my BOM that will autopopulate the latest rev number from the respective revision table of said part.  Is this possible to do without creating a property for the revision number in Custom Properties

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          Andrew Schutte


          What you are asking is a common question, and the answer is no, maybe yes.

          First No. Because of how SOLIDWORKS relationships work, the 3D model doesn't really know the 2D drawing exists (but the 2D drawing knows the 3D model exists). Thus, when looking at an assembly drawing (which knows the assembly 3D model exists), in the BOM you can't "ask SOLIDWORKS" for the rev table of the 2D drawings for the children of the 3D model, because the data relationship is not connected that way. Also you could have multiple 2D drawings for the same part, and/or different configurations for the same part, which one should SOLIDWORKS use even if that was technically possible?

          Second Yes (maybe). If you were using PDM (Standard or Professional), it would be possible to control the document versions/revisions so tightly, and write variables to the 3D document file that represented the current revision on the drawing. The key however is PDM being the gate keeper, and controlling the files at every level, updating the drawing and part custom property variable at the same time.


          What is the goal of adding the latest rev of the children in your BOM? There may be another/better/alternative way to accomplish your end goal.