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need to convert spline to arcs and lines in solidworks

Question asked by Mike Russell on Jun 21, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2018 by Frederick Law


Attached is a file i generated from a customers geometry. I need a way in solidworks to create arc segments and lines from this path for our machinists.

They use some old version of mastercam and say that the splines generate very huge file that our machines can not directly take due to memory in the machines, and DNC is not and option. Each part has average of 11 profiles to capture and we have 25 parts to create programs for. It is a involved process to manually create the arcs and lines. Is there any way to do this in solidworks? maybe a macro or something? We only have Solidworks 2017 in engineering to work with. and I can not directly download and install any other programs. too many rules from management, The manager wants the toolpaths to be generated in solidworks only, so that there is no translation back and forth between software so using draftsight would be out of the question anyway.