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Smart Fasteners Problem

Question asked by John Wayman on Jun 21, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2018 by Kieran Young

Good morning,

I am starting to investigate whether Smart Fasteners could be of value to us. As of now, the answer is a definitive 'No!', but that may be my fault.


I have an assembly with a circular pattern of Hole Wizard holes which I want to populate with screws and washers.



When I click Smart Fasteners and select one of the hole faces, sure enough, Solidworks adds screws into each hole:




Oops! They are all the wrong way up. I imagine this is because the hole wizard feature was created on the face where the head of the screw has gone.


That's OK, I can edit the Smart Fastener feature to change the mates.



Oops! Only one of the fasteners has changed. Can it really mean that I have to edit each set of mates? Or is there a way to reset the orientation of the whole set of fasteners in one go?


Then there's the type of fastener.

SHCS is all very well, but I decided I wanted Hex Heads.



When I select the Fastener type, only Hex Socket Head ISO 4762 is available.

What happened to the other types that are available in my toolbox?


Never mind, I'll stick a washer in under the screw head.



I select 'Add to Top Stack', but nothing is available to add.



My guess is that I have something configured incorrectly. The feature can't really be that useless, so I must have something wrong.

Do you have any idea what setting(s) may be causing this unhelpful behaviour?


SW2018, SP3


PDM Standard


Toolbox lives in the vault


Dragging and dropping toolbox components works as expected