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Solidworks Vs AutoCAD

Question asked by Joshua Aley on Jun 20, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2018 by Jack John Frahm



Buffs at the ready.......

I'm really struggling to justify using Solidworks.

I just can't do what I want in Solidworks like AutoCAD.


I don't mean to moan but there seems to be no option for compiling layers into folders?

And before anyone jumps down my throat, I'm not just trying to configure different states. I want layers that I can flick on and off that also display information about the configuration. I.E fire rating, CE marks, structural performance, type of feature etc etc.


Hopefully you can see my frustration what ever other CAD program out there seems to let you compile layers into folders to locate sub text etc quickly. Prefix's are fine with a few but I have close to 1000 configs with well over that in subsequent performance options. I NEEEEEED a way to compile all of this into one master template that is powerful enough to do everything.I do no have the time to sift through all the layers to find the one I want without a folder option.


Is there some sort of plugin?
Perhaps an update?



I'm working on solidworks 2017 and it seems a little ....well poor....that you cant do this?

I know you can set properties to an object but when one object has multiple options for rating and performance etc, text layer really are what I want.


Any sensible suggestions that are NOT just configs and prefixes? Preferably before I commit career suicide?

Many thanks to anyone who can help or even throw another suggestion out there?


Josh - Frustrated User