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    Solidworks 2018 PDM eDrawings Revision Symbol display problem

    David Zolnoski

      I'm having a strange issue with the SWX PDM previewer and eDrawings.

      When my revision is completed, the revision symbols don't display the letter revision.

      Instead, they show a string of what appears to be data reference codes.  See below:

      The file looks like this momentarily when opened in Solidworks, but resolves to the proper letter revision right away.


      Has anyone else come across this problem or have a solution?

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          Paul Hickman

          The reason is that DS do not care enough about eDrawings to make it display drawings correctly.  It is an issue that has been there forever and also affects formatting of text in general tables.  We have this issue with PDM and approvers who aren't necessarily SolidWorks users.  As they cannot rely on the preview/eDrawings viewer to show them exactly what the drawing looks like, they have to create a PDF which they can then inspect before signing off.