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    Are there mesh controls available for contact sets?

    Kyle Chirpich

      I'm new to SW Simulation; I came from using ANSYS.  Within ANSYS, they have a mesh control where you can drag a contact set down into the mesh refinement and then apply mesh controls to the area affected by the contact set.  For example, if you have 2 perpendicular plates, you could set the control to increase mesh density anywhere within a set radius of the intersection of the two parts.  Is there any similar functionality in SW?


      If not, what is the best way to increase local mesh density at part intersections?  Meaning, plate A is perpendicular to Plate B and the edge of A is bonded to the face of B.  I can add a mesh control to the edge of Plate A, but that control does nothing to the face of Plate B.  I want to increase mesh density in the face of Plate B where it is bonded to Plate A without having to increase the density of the entire face of Plate B.


      I should add that I'm only running the basic simulation license.



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          Kieran Young

          Hi Kyle,


          I know exactly what you mean having used ANSYS myself. Now, I don't believe there is anything equivalent to this functionality however, if you try applying a mesh control to the edge and decrease the element ratio, this should increase the mesh density on the face of plate B where it comes into contact with plate A.



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            Bill McEachern

            You can split plate B (intersection split line command) so that they share a common edge. A mesh control applied to such and edge will propagate to both faces with an appropriate growth ratio as mentioned above.

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                Kyle Chirpich

                Thanks for the suggestions.  Do these techniques work when simulating the plates as sheetmetal shells?  I was able to get local density to increase on a simplified sample assembly when the plates were analyzed as solids, but the increased density did not carry over when I analyzed as sheetmetal shells.


                Also, Bill, I assume you were talking about the Split Line tool?  That tool does not appear to be available in the assembly model.  It looks as though I'd have to manually create the split within each individual part?  Is there any way to split surfaces within the assembly?  I am working with a large multi-faceted sheetmetal tank that has many gussets and connections, and it isn't going to be feasible to create split lines manually within each component.