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Break equation in a tree design assembly

Question asked by Eugen Lupascu on Jun 21, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2018 by Jack Brooker

Good day to everyone,


I come back with another problem.

I few months ago I created a large assembly (kind of moderate) of an equipment that is connected through equation from one component to another, from one subassembly to another.

Now I need some subassemblies from this large assembly to use in another assembly. My method now is to save all the subassemblies and parts that are connected with the large assembly, enter in the sketch and delete all the dimensions which are connected. Then I have to give other dimensions which I can edit. With tese new dimension I will recreate the equations in the subassembly I want to use.

There is another quick and efficient method to do this? I have SW 2017 SP5.

How can I find external references to help me find faster my connected parts?

I want to do this because these subssemblies can create another assembly similar to the first one. I already Know that exists DriveWorks Xpress. Can this feature help with this, to create faster and similar equipment. The equipment is an industrial smoking chamber.



Thank you!

Have a great day!