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    Solidworks on MacBook Pro 2017

    Peter Cohen

      Hello, Anybody succeed in running SolidWorks on MacBook Pro 2017? I am considering to get the 13" version. Is the Intel Iris Plus Graphics 650 sufficiently good enough? Does Realview work?


      For reference, I am using Mac laptop with Nvidia GeForce GT 330M 512MB. It is fast enough to get my work done.

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          Andrew Schutte

          I've seen SOLIDWORKS on a few Apple computers in my life, all worked poorly, if at all.

          With modern hardware, using boot-camp, you might have a shot, however you won't get support or help from tech support if you have a question/issue. Whatever you do don't use Parallels.

          Per the Realview question, that's also very suspect. Even if your graphics hardware supports it (I'm not 100% certain), the right drivers, hardware setup, etc. would make that difficult at best.

          For the money, you can get windows native laptops that perform better than Mac if the goal is to run SOLIDWORKS. However Apple does make some very nice machines, and I understand the draw.

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            Michael Lord



            RealView may work as some of the Iris plus Cards are approved.

            If it does not then there is a simple way to add the Card to get RealView to work.

            Although this is for Windows I believe you can do similar for Mac

            SOLIDWORKS RealView – For All. Non-Approved Graphic Cards #SOLIDWORKS | Michael Lord

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                Peter Cohen

                Thanks Michael. I only run SolidWorks natively in Windows via Bootcamp. One concern I have is that in the past, I always used Macbook Pro with discrete Nvidia GPU. The 2017 MacBook, especially the 13" Touch Bar ones, only has an Iris Plus Graphics 650. Don't know if it is good enough to run SW.

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                    Michael Lord


                    The Iris Plus graphic are significant faster than the Intel HD Graphics.

                    As you see I have a HP Spectre which runs the Intel HD 620 Graphics

                    SOLIDWORKS on a HP Spectre x360 #SOLIDWORKS | Michael Lord

                    But the Spectre is just a personal computer I have for my own use.  Not something I use for business


                    From my experience with SOLIDWORKS it will run on most things.  I've seen the same issues with both approved & non approved Graphic Cards.    The main issues arise when it starts to run out of resources.

                    So it comes down to what you are wanting to do.

                    If you making Large Assemblies (500+ parts) or complex surface models (200+ features) then I wouldn't recommend.

                    Anything less than that you should be fine.