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Can't start thermal simulation because there is a missing conductivity coefficient

Question asked by Donato Ferretti on Jun 20, 2018
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as the title says, I'm trying to do a thermal simulation on my assembly, but after everything has been selected, solidworks tells me that I have to define a conductivity coefficient. But all the materials have been defined and I have double checked all of them. In the assembly, there are some custom materials, but I have defined those too, so I don't know what is causing the issue (also solidworks doesn't specify which material/component doesn't have the coefficient).

Can this problem happening because I have interffering surfaces? I know I should not have those, but the problem is that my assembly has lots of different parts which in real life, are one on top of the other and made with different materials so when I have tried to make them as a whole, solidworks also unified the materials (and is not ok for me).

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