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Multiple instances of configured part in assembly don't update/behave

Question asked by Kevin Chandler on Jun 20, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2018 by Rob Edwards

Hello all,


I have an assembly (SW2018 sample attached) that uses five instances of the same riser block with each instance being a configuration.

The only difference in each config is the length, which is why I'm using configs.

(Being simple, I didn't use a design table, but I did try one and it didn't remedy my issue.)

Being a simple part, I'm using a per config global variable (for the attached sample, it's 3", 6" & 9" high):

I insert the part into an assembly and set each instance to a unique config (for a unique height).

All is good, but after saving and reopening the assembly, every config instance, regardless of height/config, reverts to the height of the config the part was last saved with.

Here's the recent assembly thumbnail from the last save (all 3" high config):

And here's the assembly reloaded after saving the part at the 9" config:

After reloading the assembly, I open the part and none (or some in this screen shot case) of the configs will update:


Ctrl+Q and Shift+Ctrl+Q do nothing in neither the assembly nor the part to get the configs in order.

Only after opening the equations dialog and clicking OK did the Hgt1 (3") config go to 3".

With each part config behaving (and keeping the part file open, I return to the open assembly and all is well (until the next save and reopen):


What am I doing wrong?


For those of you on SW before 2018, this is the same issue as this unresolved post: Configurations in Assemblies

One glass pane part configured at different sizes and an assembly with 3 instances. Change one of the instances and all three update to that config (even though the tree says different).


Thank you in advance,