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Solidworks to Mastercam

Question asked by Jacob Pribyl on Feb 23, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2017 by Jaja Jojo
I'm having trouble importing a complete assembly from SolidWorks into Mastercam. What I want is a full wireframe along with the solid bodies, but when trying to open a solidworks file directly from Mastercam I get a 'Cannot find Parasolid data in Solidworks file' error when trying to open it with MCX2 MR2, and 'Only Assemblies from Solidworks 2003 and later can be read' error with MCX3.

If I use a parasolid the solid bodies come in fine but only part of the wireframe is correctly loaded.


STEP files will let me import a complete wireframe along with the solid but the wireframe is all lines and splines, even when it should be arcs, the only file type I've found that will let me import a full correct wireframe is IGES, which won't do solid bodies.


To get a full assembly into Mastercam right now I have to import an IGES wireframe and merge it with a parasolid and fix the levels for all the parts manually, which gets kind of tedious after the first couple hundred levels. Anyone have any suggestions or workarounds?