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Please vote for this ER to add Geometry Bounding Box to API

Question asked by Eric Snyder on Jun 20, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2018 by Eric Snyder

It would be great to be able to access the Bounding Box data about the part directly using API.


Please see the ER and go vote for it.


Text of the ER:


ER - 1-18088805035


Summary - Add API object to get data from the Geometry Bounding box

Description - Product Version in Use : SW2018


Explanation : Product Version in Use : SW2018

Explanation : Solidworks has had a weakness in that there has been no good way to get length, width and depth information from parts. In the past the best way (that I know) was to get the size info manually.


When a geometry bounding box is inserted it allows us to get far more accurate data on the length, width and depth of objects in the part. Our organization has literally thousands of parts on which we do not have size information. In order to get accurate part size information using API currently you have to open the part, iterate the faces, iterate all the tessellation triangles on those faces and record the min and max values of the points. This can take quite a bit of processing time depending on the complexity of the faces and number of faces. In contrast the Geometry Bounding Box seems very fast and accurate.


Please provide the Geometry Bounding Box feature data in API to be able to access the data from the bounding box. When you hover a Bounding Box feature in the feature tree you get:


Total Bounding Box Length

Total Bounding Box Width

Total Bounding Box Thickness

Total Bounding Box Volume

Bounding Box Type

Hidden Bodies Included

Surface Bodies Included


With this feature one could get the metadata of all stand alone parts as well as iterate through an assembly, extract the bounding box info of the contained parts and derive a bounding box of an assembly.


Bounding Box Info.jpg