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Set variable from $PRP:SW-FileName to a new value

Question asked by Barbara Jerin on Jun 20, 2018
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I have an annoying problem....

We want to import old projects into PDM Prof. The files we are importing have a custom property "oznaka" set to $PRP:SW-FileName. When a file enters the workflow

it goes through an automatic transition where this variable "oznaka" should be set to filename (see image). But this action Set Variable does nothing. The property is still the same after the transition.


Explanation why we want this:

When this file continues through the workflow, the variable "oznaka" is then set to filename + revision. I know that we could make a new variable that would combine "oznaka" and "revison" but, our drawing templates are calling $PRPSHEET:oznaka as the drawing number, and we don't want to change the drawings template because this would mean we need to do this for all files we want to import into PDM.


Snap 2018-06-20 at 16.03.57.png

Does anyone know why this $PRP:SW-FileName is so troublesome to overwrite?


Thank you,