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    Converting to step - Inconsistent spline curve

    Angela Hill
      Hey, I havwe been converting to step for me and my Fiberglass/Design people to go back and forth, they are using pro e and catia...anyway I have neverhad a problem till today......

      Sw will not save my model to step, I get error message "Inconsistent spline curve" which I have ruled as being part of the model that I was sent this morning from my fiberglass people and I opened from a step file then saved the necessary peices to my machine model in sw parts....

      Anyone know what I should do??? I cann't change their work....Surfaces and all that bs,
        • Converting to step - Inconsistent spline curve
          Christopher Thompson

          I use both Pro-E & SW, and STEP is the best way to save a file for importing into Pro-E cleanly. Did you save as a STEP 203, and check the export options?

          As a test, try performing a geometry check for slivers, or knife edges, and fix these using the direct editing tools (ex: delete face, etc.). If all else fails, try exporting as an IGES (check export options) and import back into SW (heal geometry if necessary). Then try saving as a STEP 203.


          Chris Thompson

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