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Macro will run in the VBA editor, but won't run stand-alone

Question asked by Peter Cranshaw on Jun 20, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2018 by Josh Brady

I'm working on a VBA (.swp) macro to save the drawings in our company in all of the different file formats our various vendors use and save each one a into a combined .ZIP file.  We started small with different macros doing separate tasks and then manually gathering them up into the target .ZIP file.


Right, now I am working on a super macro to combine the functions of the earlier macro and give it a greater degree of intelligence. Currently its over 600 lines of code spread out over 15 different sub-routines.  I doesn't do everything I want it to do yet but it's getting there.


The problem I have is that it runs fine from the "Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications" editor. But when I try to run it standalone from Solidworks using the "Run Macro" button on the macro toolbar from the drop-down menu, nothing happens.


I'm sure the are more than a few ways that this could be happening, but I could use some advise on what to look for.