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PDM workflow - notify submitter

Question asked by Paul Marsman on Jun 19, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2018 by Jason Lackey

I'm trying to get a better method to notify a specific user (the submitter) that their document has been rejected/approved in our vault.  This is a mockup of a section in our workflow based on Tim Webb's idea from here Parallel Transition Rolls - action required by user?


So the I'm trying to figure out how to notify the user that submitted the document when it is rejected or all approved.  Basically the built in notifications of "last state modifier" and "file creator" don't work.  The user submitting it for review may not be the one who started it, and the user who last modified the state could be one of the approval transitions.  The parallel transitions don't work as outlined in the post referenced above.  I don't have an idea yet on how to make a workflow that I don't need a transition for EVERY user.  I currently have the reject transition to have Dynamic notifications, but to have the reviewer always remember to check the box isn't always possible.  I want to have it foolproof.


Does anyone have a way they currently accomplish this for electronic reviews?  I'm open to search favorites, workflow changes, etc are all possible.  I just need it to work.