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How to do motion study with a load free to move at one end of an extension spring?

Question asked by Ashesh Shrestha on Jun 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2018 by Ashesh Shrestha

What I am trying to find:

     Effect of spring on force required on hook when the hook is moved at constant speed from rest.


Setup description:

     A ball is suspended by an extension spring on a hook. The setup is initially at rest. When the hook is suddenly moved upward with a constant velocity, I think, the spring should take certain amount of force at first and then only should the ball rise up ( and oscillate maybe).

What I have done until now:

     I have made an assembly of the ball and the hook  and tried to do motion study by using an extension spring between the hook and the ball. I found that the ball does not move upward and only the spring gets extended.


     How can I do the study where the spring extends to some limit (because of weight of the ball and the sudden force) and then the ball also rises up with the spring (and oscillate maybe) like in real motion?




     I have set the connections and forces as I think it should be and there can be mistake in my part too. And the simulation either returns error or laptop turns black screen and becomes unresponsive.