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Stepped-layer wave spring using formulas.

Question asked by Brian Holmbeck on Jun 18, 2018

All the wave spring formulas on the internet increase the Zt of each single wave. The spring our supplier makes does not do that. It is stepped up each layer.

The wave spring has 3.5 waves per layer. The first 3 waves touch the table and the next wave goes up to the next level. Then it repeats for 5 total layers (which I assume I can pattern). The values I have for the first 3 waves are Xt=R*sin(t), Yt=R*cos(t), Zt=A*sin(N*t), t1=0, t2=2*pi/7*5.5, R=1.185, N=3.5, A=.0815. The 7/5.5 is my way of getting 5.5 half-waves of the 7 half-waves.

The problem I'm having is continuing from the end of the first sketch to make the next single wave go up half of A. I can give the new t1 formula the same equation as the original t2, but cannot get the Zt to line up while also increasing half of A.

The attached photo shows the right, back, and left waves touch the table and the front wave does not since it is rising to the next level. PS, the spring is old and has dust and cobwebs. Sorry.