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    Measure an object

    Robin Hjelm

      I have some question regarding measureing an object. I have this slide which I want to get the measure of, the length on the ground and the hight from the ground to the begining of the slide etc. But I have tried the different measure instruments but I cant figure out how to get the measurment straight.


      I would like to have it like this and not be forced to use polyline and get an incorrect length.

      Instead I get it like this then I not use the polyline.

      Any sugestion if I can get the measure line straght and even in the both points I have measured from like in the first one withouth being forced to use the polyline?

        • Re: Measure an object
          Dirk Rautenberg

          Measuring is not the same like 2D CAD. Its not optimal for each wish.

          to get the best result you have to create some help-actors, like point, plane, line from geometry. these functions create geometry (primitve)

          after creating measuring you will be able to set opacity of those primitives to 0.

          Not optimal, but it works