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    How do I change the top view from XZ plane to XY plane?

    Sankar Ram

      By default, the top view in SolidWorks is the XZ plane (Front is XY and right is YZ). Is it possible to change this default setting for a single file fo for SolidWorks software?

      I prefer to have my Top plane to show the XY plane.



      PS: Just to be clear, I am not talking about rotating by a body to align to another plane or creating 3 new planes or creating a new local coordinate system. I am talking about changing the default Global coordinate system so that my Top view shows a different plane than the default.


      An application for this would be that in my CNC, the XY plane is the bed and Z is the up and down tool motion. There are ways in the CNC part to rectify this, but is it possible in Solidworks?