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Different Units Dialog Box

Question asked by Charles Culp on Feb 23, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2009 by Chris Challinor
Does anyone else have a problem with this dialog box not being dismissed properly? It shows up on the dismissed list after I choose "don't ask me again", but then after I restart it is no longer on the dismissed list.

Does anyone else have this problem? My SolidWorks is shutting down properly, and I am able to dismiss other dialogs.

Also, on the same note, why do my drawings always load in lightweight? I do not have any options turned on that should load items as lightweight. In Tools>Options>System Options>Performance I have "auto load lightweight" turned off. I have "always resolve sub-assemblies" turned on. I have resolve lightweight compenents set to "always". Under System Options>Assemblies I have Large Assy Mode turned Off.