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    Different Units Dialog Box

    Charles Culp
      Does anyone else have a problem with this dialog box not being dismissed properly? It shows up on the dismissed list after I choose "don't ask me again", but then after I restart it is no longer on the dismissed list.

      Does anyone else have this problem? My SolidWorks is shutting down properly, and I am able to dismiss other dialogs.

      Also, on the same note, why do my drawings always load in lightweight? I do not have any options turned on that should load items as lightweight. In Tools>Options>System Options>Performance I have "auto load lightweight" turned off. I have "always resolve sub-assemblies" turned on. I have resolve lightweight compenents set to "always". Under System Options>Assemblies I have Large Assy Mode turned Off.
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          Derek Hopkins

          For me SolidWorks is dismissing the units message. Not sure what is going on there. In 2009, SolidWorks will load drawings lightweight 99.9% of the time no matter what you have checked or unchecked. This is something new. See the bottom of page 100 in the What's New file. This is one of the new features I am not fond of.
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            Anna Wood
            Yes, some new enhancements from SW that are not working well.

            I am very, very unhappy about drawings always loading lightweight regardless of system settings. This is a lack of customer choice and a major regression that is un-needed.

            My little 20-100 part assembly drawings do not need to be opened lightweight on my rocket ship Core i7 machine. I am smart enough to know when I need to use lightweight in my drawings I do not need to have the software decide for me.

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              Charles Culp
              Oops. Looks like I need to update my signature. I am running 2.1
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                Charles Culp
                I am running WinXP 32bit with SW2009 SP2.1, and the only add-on I am running is my 3d Connexion. I had the problems before I got it. One of my coworkers is also have the same issue, the others probably aren't working much with dual-unit parts. He does not have a 3d connexion device.

                I have not reported this to my VAR yet, I wanted to see if it was truly a bug first.
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                    John Sweeney
                    Hi Guys,
                    It looks like there are several messages, including the one that Charles mentions, which are implemented as "don't ask again for this session". Unfortunately, it is not clear from the checkbox text in our dialog that the option is only "per session".

                    We will take a look at this particular message to see why it was only implemented as a "per session" choice, as well as, some way to better indicate when the "Don't Ask Again?" option will only remember your choice per session.

                    Best Regards,
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                        Wayne Tiffany

                        If you are going to be looking at this, please consider this. I have said from the beginning that I think this implementation is dangerous in that people banish messages with no clue that the banishment, except for these exceptions, is forever. There are times that I have to go help a person because they banished a message that would later have saved them from committing a crime. Or they can't do something because the error dialog that would have let them handle the situation is gone.

                        The banishment is not the problem - the displayed message is. Prior to the ability to banish messages forever, the user had the opportunity to make it go away for the current session. Unfortunately now that they can make them disappear totally, there isn't anything in the warning message that tells them they will not come back next time as they are used to.

                        I think the "Don't ask me again" option should actually be two clearly visible choices - "Don't ask me again this session." and "Don't ask me again for as long as I live, or until I check the box in the Options area to bring this one back."

                        Ok, maybe not quite that long, but my point is that what the person is used to doing and expecting to happen in return has changed, with no warning. On the surface it looks like the result will be the same as it has been in the past.

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                      Charles Culp
                      If drawings always load up lightweight, then I would like for this dialog box discussed above to be capable of being dismissed forever. Otherwise the first time I open up any of my assemblies, it is always going to prompt me. At least one of our components is always going to be defined in metric...
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                        Charles Culp
                        Another serious issue with drawings always loading lightweight is with virtual components. In the drawing I am working on now I have some VC's that are for wires. Because the VC's load lightweight, all of their custom properties don't load unless they are resolved.

                        Because there are 4 configurations, each config needs to be converted from lightweight>resolved separately. Then I have to go in and edit the "QTY" values that I put in. I over-rode them to show the wire length required, which is "180 IN" for all four configs. This is done every time I open the drawing. PITA.
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                          Chris Challinor
                          Yep, I have the same issues, cant dissmiss that message and I hate the forced upon me "load lightweight" in drawings.

                          The light weight issue is also in my assemblies and no matter how many times I set my preferences they always seem to revert back to the default.

                          What ever happened to the button that allowed us to set the preferences to the current opened item?
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                              Brian Cayer
                              I'm sure it was accidental,
                              It is too easy to do.
                              I upped you a couple.
                              Now all you have to do is live up to it.

                              Edit: Also try filling in your profile with your system and version specs.
                              It is very helpful in answering questions.

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                                David Heinemeyer
                                I found a fix for the lightweight in assembly drawings problem in another post somewhere. Sorry I couldn't find the source. Edit your registry "HKEY_CURRENT_USER">"Software">"SolidWorks">"SolidWorks 2009">"Performance">and change "Show Lightweight Option" to 1. This worked for me. The down side is the post said SW was going to eliminate this option in SW 2010.
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                                Charles Culp
                                Thanks for the heads up, Dave. Hopefully there is a better replacement in place in SW2010.
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                                  Chris Challinor
                                  I have edited my Registry, done everything others have advised........yet I am still having SW assemblies and drawings open as Light weight.......I DO NOT WANT THIS TO HAPPEN, LIGHT WEIGHT IS BAD.

                                  What am I missing here, how hard is it to tell the software not to do this again.