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General profile tolerance and tolerance status

Question asked by Elisabeth Daley on Jun 18, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2020 by Tim Smith

I've got a question about exactly how the General Profile Tolerance from 2018 interacts with other callouts when the Tolerance Status is calculated.  Say I've added the following DimXpert callouts, and a general profile tolerance:

When the Show Tolerance status is on, the entire part is green, indicating that all of the tolerances are fully defined.  This is intuitive to me, because I initially assumed that the purpose of the general profile tolerance was to apply to every feature that wasn't fully defined by other more specific callouts.  However, I've been told that according to the GD&T standard, because the hole diameter has been added and there is a positional tolerance applied to it, the general profile tolerance should not be applied to the hole's diameter, and that in order to fully define it's size, it should be .53 +/- .005.


Can anyone point me to clause in the standard that specifies this?  It seems like a fairly nuanced point, but has implications for whether we put a typical general profile tolerance block on our MBD drawing formats.  It would be nice not to have one, so as to minimize confusion about whether the GD&T general profile tolerance or the drawing format general tolerance applies.