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Get5 (CustomPropertyManager) returns value, which by description is not possible

Question asked by Aleksandras Korolkovas on Jun 18, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2018 by Aleksandras Korolkovas


For me this issue is very hard to solve and is nessesary to solve.

In my code I have such line:


STatusInt = custPropMgr.Get5("Aiva", False, Value, resolvedValue, isResolvedValue)


and if I understood get5 function description right

2017 SOLIDWORKS API Help - Get5 Method (ICustomPropertyManager)

then isResolvedValue cant be false.


Possibly function took longer to spit out value, but isResolvedValue value must be true.

On my PC where is visual studio installed it is always true, but on all other computers usually it always false.

I have checked this on my pc in debug mode and as solidworks addin command (logging to txt file). On other  computers only with logging to file.


Someone can tell me what can be wrong?