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Find lost dialog/window utility (using Autohotkey) V1.01 update

Discussion created by Kevin Chandler on Jun 18, 2018
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V1.01: Changed search from beginning portion of the title is required to input any portion of the title.



I've written an Autohotkey ( ) script that with try to find a lost dialog box/window by using the dialog's title.

Instead of minimizing and maximizing windows, dragging and closing windows to find a missing dialog, save time and frustration by running this script instead.


If found, FindLostDialog will move the window to the upper left of your screen and bring it to the top.


Autohotkey provides a compiler that converts an ahk text file script into a standalone EXE file.

With the compiled script, you don't need to have Autohotkey on your computer.

Both the .ahk script fle and EXE file are in the attached zip file.



  1. autohotkey.exe C:\script path\FindLostDialog.ahk
  2. autohotkey.exe C:\script path\FindLostDialog.ahk "Any portion of lost dialog title"
  3. C:\exe path\FindLostDialog.exe
  4. C:\exe path\FindLostDialog.exe "Any portion of lost dialog title"


You can run the script or the EXE with or without the portion of the title.

If you do provide a title (or portion of a title) on the command line, it must be quoted (if it's more than one word) so it is passed as one parameter.

If you don't provide a title to search, this input dialog is displayed.

Enter enough text to match any portion of the title (or the entire title) and click OK to search or Cancel to abort.

As is shown above, the search is case sensitive.

Also, quotes are only required for command line input. Do not add quotes here.


For example, to find the dialog titled "Repair Sketch" (Repair sketch dialog box wont open), enter "Repair" (without the quotes) and click OK.

These inputs will also work: Repair Sketch, Rep, R, Sketch, Sket

It finds the first matching window title, so provide enough text to be unique for what you want to find.


These inputs will not work: repair (doesn't match case), skech (misspelling)


If the dialog isn't found, this dialog is displayed:

Review the text you entered (shown quoted) to see if it was what is required.


I hope you find this useful.


If you would like to have this localized into your language, please provide the translated text for all prompts and dialog titles. Also, provide what "FindLostDialog" would be named in your language.

I'll upload the localized versions here when available.


Your suggestions are most welcome.







V1.01 06/19/2018:

Changed search from beginning portion of the title required to any portion of the title.

Edited prompts accordingly.

Improved dialog not found output text