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Get data for transient thermal studies

Question asked by Taus Moller on Jun 18, 2018

I am looking for a way to retrieve data from transient thermal studies through the API. For regular studies i am able to retrieve the values through sensors. However, the transient study sensors does not seem to be supported in the API. First of all the only method to get values from sensors (GetSensorValue Method (ISensor) ) only gives you a single double value actually calling just returns 0.


What i am looking is access to this data:



This is accessed by right clicking the sensor and selecting "list"


I can access export it manually through the interface by showing the graph and exporting it to CSV:graph.png


However since this is part of some automation i can not have the user export it manually every time. Thus i need a way to access this data through the API.


Any help at all is appreciated.