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    How to produce this scene?

    Alberto Silingardi

      Hello everybody,


      I'm doing my master thesis in Environmental Engineering and I designed a subsea monitoring system.


      I would like to know which software could fit the best to to a sort of graphical overview of the project.


      I post here two pics taken from google from O&G company who works with subsea, I just ask you guys, to suggest me how could I produce a similar rendering. Do someone have some suggestion on where to find those landscapes for my project.

      159847.jpg Energy_Market.jpg


      Thank you to read my post.





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          Fraser Port

          Looking at those images my question is what software can you use well? It is one thing having software but using it proficiently is the major part.


          If it was me, I would draw something in SW and then import the image into Photoshop or Coreldraw and play around with it from there. I only say those program because its what I have and can use reasonably well.


          Photoworks or Visualise woud also work.


          If you're going to be doing lots of these types of images then someone else might have a better idea what is the ideal software package.

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            JP Johnston

            You could go to GrabCAD and if there are already models completed and use them. You may want to ask the authors permission. I am positive you can find a lot of what you need...

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              Paul Salvador

              Hello Alberto,.. as the others have said... it's possible and there are some assets (models) available...  albeit, it maybe challenging in SW, imho?

              I'll add another idea/option..  SketchUp.. their Warehouse also has a lot of ocean assets, scenes and rendering capabilities.