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is Solidworks CAM 2 Axis Mill Tutorial 7: messed up?

Question asked by John Burrill on Jun 18, 2018

Hi Everyone,

i'm working my way through the CAM tutorials and everything's gone super until I got to this guy:

I've run into a number of inconsistencies between the tutorial and the part,

First, on Step 2: Insert a Boss Feature...It says, "Pick the bottom edge of the part"

Inferring that they're talking about this edge

The next part is even confusing because they say this generates a

-a feature named: "Circular Boss1

They call this out a couple of time in subsequent steps, but assuming they mean "Irregular Boss 1" everything would seem to be OK....except it's not
Next problem is that the "Generating Operation Plan and Adjusting Operation Parameters" dialog, they're telling us to change the tool to a .25 Flat End (Center Drill) which is neither in Tool Crib nor in the Library.  It appears your choices are either Flat End or Center drill.

There's another confusing step where after telling you to click "OK" to close the :"operation parameters" dialog box and then the next step starts off with right in the middle of something:

I assumed I had to right-click on the tree and create a new 2.5 Axis feature.


In addition to this, generating the operation plan produces a bunch of slot features on the perimeter instead of an open slot or perimeter feature.-and when I generate toolpaths for the operations and simulate the job, the part looks like this:

So, questions:

First has anyone completed this tutorial by following the steps as written?

If so, what edge did you select on the part to get the circular boss 1 in Mill Setup1.?  This is where my troubles began, so I'm hopeful that picking the right edge will lead to better results

Finally, if you had to alter the oeprations or parameters to complete this tutorial, can you give me a list of changes that were necessary?

I'm just wading into CAM, so I'm trying to be diligent about following the tutorials carefully.

Thanks for any help