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    Dimensioning between two views for layout?

    Otis Clapp

      I am trying to layout several flat patterns for a plasma table print.  Problem is I cannot dimension between the views to lay them out.  Is there some way to do this?  I already tried converting the view into a sketch breaking all links back to the original model (or at least that is what I thought it said), but it stayed as a view and didn't just become a sketch entity in the drawing.  I know I could save the drawing as a .dwg and then reopen it with autocad and do this, but that is a pain in the butt.  Isn't there any 2D layout brains here?  I mean it does have drawings.


      I suppose I could make an assembly of the flat patterns and then make a print from that, but again that is a pain and it would seem like something that should be not necessary.


      Any ideas?

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          Otis Clapp

          Well.  Shortly after posting this I came up with an answer.


          What you want to do is to "convert view to sketch" (right click menu) and then select the "replace view with block".


          This will dump your view onto your drawing's sheet and no longer be a view.  I have yet to see how it scales with sheet scale and stuff.


          I hope this helps someone.


          Edit:  Does not tie its self to the sheets scale and in fact is undimensonable (although you can dimension it to other things).  So that is annoying.  If there are better answers I will flag those as correct.

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            Dan Pihlaja

            If you want something parametric, I think that you are going to have to go with the assembly/multi body part route....


            If you truly just wanted a 1 off drawing, then....

            When you convert it to a sketch, use the "insert as block" function.

            Then you can drop the sketch block onto the sheet view.  Then position as needed and delete your views.  This is how I would do it.

            Edit: You can then explode the block to be dimensionable.

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              Josh Brady

              Matthew Lorono hey, here's another use case for being able to dimension from view to view...

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                Glenn Schroeder

                I don't know when it happened, but I discovered a while ago that we can insert a sketch line, make the end points coincident with a point or edge on different drawing views, and it will update if a view is moved.  Do that, insert a Dimension with the Smart Dimension tool, and you're set.  You can move the line to a Layer that's hidden if you don't want it to show.