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How can I apply a loft to these shapes?

Question asked by Kevin Andrews on Jun 15, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2018 by Paul Salvador

I have the need to create a loft that goes in three different directions and changes between different shapes:

Some quick descriptions:

The bottom shape is drawn on the top plane. The centerlines run front to back and right to left on this sketch only.

The next shape up is drawn 2" up and 2" left on a 45° angle to the top layer - again standard centerline orientation.

So far, The centerline that connects these two shapes is drawn on the front plane - all the way up to the node point past the second shape.


At that node point, everything goes in the Z direction - so all of the rounded-looking shapes are running along a z axis.


Here is a front view:


I need to make all of these shapes make smooth transitions between each shape. I have tried using the spline command, the way I normally create my guide curves, from within a 3D sketch (never tried this one before), but it will not allow me to pierce each shape. So, I can not create the correct guidelines.


Anyone know how I can make this happen? I really want it to be one continuous piece?