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Dual units in a driven dimension table for product data sheets

Question asked by Ryan Bellman on Jun 15, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2018 by Kevin Chandler

Let me start of by saying that I am still using SW2012, as my company is frugal and does not like to spend money on software.


I currently have custom dimension tables on the drawings for all of our primary products that reference configuration-specific properties (via $PRPSHEET:), which in turn reference a driven dimension in a sketch dedicated to that configuration. Since each primary product is sold in multiple configurations, each assembly file has those separated into SW configurations, which each having several differing dimensions. All of this works smoothly. However, our service department has requested that I add metric dimensions to this as well. I cannot seem to find an easy way to do this... toggling display dual units does not work in the table, there is no way to change the 'document units' for just one column, adding additional features, dimensions, and equations to each and every sketch is impossibly tedious, etc.


I have attempted therefore to accomplish this by creating global variables as seen below. The global variables are defined by equations converting the configuration-specific properties (OH, L, C, P, etc.). It is set to automatically rebuild, so I would expect these values to change when the configuration is changed--as the individual properties update correctly--but they do not. The values that were calculated when I first defined the global variations remain regardless of which configuration I'm in or what the values of the config-specific parameters are. Any ideas why this isn't working or how I can accomplish what I'm trying to do? I have thought about a design table, but that also isn't very convenient as the driven dimensions are not as easy to manipulate in a design table, but that seems like it might be my only option.