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Interaction between smart parts and configurations

Question asked by Scott Leacox on Jun 15, 2018

I'm wondering if parts with multiple configuration can be smart parts. And even if they can, is that a bad idea because of overhead.


Attached is a simple part that contains 3 configurations.

Each configuration will have a specific size hole associated with it. (specific decimal size)

The part will commonly be patterned and have bolts assembled with it later.

Each configuration already has Wizard hole that will be used for mating bolts. (different than the decimal hole)


The hole size required for each configuration has nothing to do with the hole wizard hole. That hole is a punched decimal size. I already have another recent thread titled "Hole decimal size".


Now to the questions:

Is there a way to take multiple smart parts and turn those into configurations?

Or the other way around. Can I cant a part with configurations and turn each configuration into a smart part?

And if this is possible one way or the other, will that create a heavy part that will be a problem when patterned with 30 instances? IE is this a bad idea?