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Drawing Symbols - ISO/BS8888

Question asked by John Wayman on Jun 15, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2018 by Ruben Balderrama

Let's start by saying that I am not a youngster - my copy of BS308 - Engineering Drawing Practice - dates back to 1975.

That probably informs the way you read the following:


Back in the day, when I drew lines on paper, I would dimension a set of holes in the format:


8 HOLES <diameter symbol> 9

C/BORED <diameter symbol>15

X 8.6 DEEP

EQUISPACED ON <diameter symbol>75 PCD

I have modified the SW hole callout file to allow me to achieve a note like the one shown in the image, using some note-building:



Out of the box, Solidworks wants to show the callout as:



Now, I would always prefer to use any software product straight out of the box, with no modifications or customisations, but:


In my 1975 standard, there are no funny little symbols for C/BORE, CSK or depth, and THRU is THRO'. (I can't help thinking, every time I see THRU, that it ought to be THR'U'


My questions are really these:

Am I clinging too rigidly to the past?

Are the SW standard symbols acceptable in BS8888?

Should I relax my intransigent stance and reinstate the SW callout format file?

Are my machining suppliers actually going to understand the squiggles (bearing in mind that we have had queries in the past about these new-fangled welding symbols)?


With the greatest respect, I think this is a question that only the forum members close to the Greenwich meridian are really qualified to answer, but thanks for the interest.


I'm keen to hear from, in particular, UK users who have an opinion.


SW2018, SP3