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Data card is not being updated by the custom properties tab

Question asked by Jeff Thomas on Jun 15, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2020 by Daniel Schleicher

Before I had PDM (2018 sp2) up and running I created a custom properties tab to use. I made sure to use the same variables for the data card that were the same as used on the properties tab. When a file with the properties tab filled out is moved into the vault the data card is not updated. If a new part is made in the vault the same situation occurs. The part6 was created and I used the properties tab to enter the part information. When the part was saved the data card came up blank, which I can understand as the file has not been checked into the vault.



To keep the remainder of this discussion simplified I will focus on one variable, "DESCRIPTION". Below is the variable on the part, custom properties tab.


The same variable as setup on the part data card.


I checked the part6 file into the vault and checked the data card, which is still blank in the description variable.



Everything shows up on the part6 custom properties summary information window.


Surly these should populate each other, what am I missing?


Thanks for the help.