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Convert task does not make a 3Dpdf if templates are not cached

Question asked by Elisabeth Daley on Jun 15, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2018 by Aleksander Ksiezopolski

Hi, I just wanted to confirm some behavior I'm seeing using the PDM Convert task to make 3Dpdfs, and plug an enhancement request if it is behaving the way I think...


We're using the new 2018 feature that lets you make 3Dpdfs with the Convert task.  It asks for the location of the MBD templates to use; we have stored in the vault.  I have the account that runs the task computer executing the task set so that it should be refreshing the templates folder on login (the icon by those options means that they are effectively turned on because of the user's membership in a group, yes?):


My understanding is that even if our task computer restarts, this should mean that it has the templates cached at all times.  However, somehow, the cache recently got cleared, and when people submitted Convert tasks, they completed without errors, but also without generating 3DPDFs.   Ideally, I would prefer that the task cache the latest version of the template if it doesn't have it automatically, but at least it should fail with an error message if nothing is cached, rather than silently doing nothing.  Has anyone else seen this? Any tips for how to prevent it?  I haven't been having any luck getting the cache settings to work as advertised, and I'm afraid my only solution is going to be to store the templates locally on the cache computer outside the vault, which would be too bad.