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    Set property of cell in BOM to another property if it's empty.

    Robert Voogt

      Hi all,


          TableRowCount = swTableAnn.RowCount
          ' Info: rows and culmns start with "0"
          descColumn = 3 '(0=A, 1=B, etc.)
          partNocol = 1
          For TableRow = 1 To TableRowCount - 1 '0=header row
              If swTableAnn.Text(TableRow, descColumn) = "" Then ' Text2 call is for SW2018: swTableAnn.Text2(TableRow, descColumn, False)
              swTableAnn.Text(TableRow, descColumn) = "Missing Part Description"
                  Debug.Print swTableAnn.Text(TableRow, partNocol)
                  End If



      I use this code to check if a cell is empty (empty manual description property for a part) and then replace it with the text "Missing part description". This works fine. However, I would like to see that every empty cell is replaced with the property "Description" instead of the text. How can I call to that property?