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    Dangling Deleted Dimensions?

    Mike Hodson

      SW2018 SP2.0


      I made changes to a model, and I'm updating the drawing.

      There are some model dimensions that were originally attached to members that have since been changed, but those model dimensions are still in the drawing.

      I cannot edit, hide, or delete these 'dangling' dimensions....so how am I supposed to get rid of them?




      While trying to delete the dims, I accidentally deleted the view.  When I hit undo, it crashed SW.

      When I got everything up and open again, I was able to delete the hanging dims by hovering over them and hitting delete.  I still couldn't select them, which is weird. 

      Problem solved for now...


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          Dennis Bacon

          This has worked for me in the past. Hide dangling dimensions and annotations.

          Or.... delete the view then do an undo. Then I was able to delete the dims.

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            Kevin Chandler



            I believe you can use design checker to list them and delete from the report.

            Design checker add-in must be running.

            Tools menu:

            Select this option and save the stds file somewhere:

            Return to drawing and on tools menu:

            In task pane:

            Uncheck all and click green plus and select the file you just made:

            Click Check Document

            I don't have any, but here is where I believe you can delete them:


            I hope this helps.





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              David Matula

              wow have not had that kind of dimension problem. 

              Dimensions where added with insert model items?  or where they placed on the drawing.


              I am usually able to reattach dangling dims to the line they should be attached to.  I am dealing with assemblies that we manually dimension though.

              Have you tried to reattach the dim to a new line in the drawing so that it would not be dangling any more?


              Good Luck

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                Andrew Leicht

                I've just run into this problem on SW2018 SP4 after using the 'replace model' functionality in a drawing.

                When I left-click the problem dimensions, they do not show as highlighted like they normally would.

                If I double-click them, I get the same error "This dimension cannot be edited. It is a deleted dimension shown as dangling."I have stumbled across a couple ways to fix this, at least in my situation.

                1. After left-click, you can press the delete key and the dimension will delete even though it is not shown as highlighted.

                2. Right-click and select 'Hide' to hide the dimension. (right clicking seems to work normally for these dimensions but they are still not highlighted).

                3. Delete a normal dimension, undo, then right-click a problem dimension, go to recent commands, and choose delete from there.


                Hope this helps anyone who stumbles across it.