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    We are facing communication lagging between Main RK server which is located in Michigan-US  & Replicated RK server also Client at remote location-Coimbatore-India

    Polappan Chinnasamy

      The Designer’s at Coimbatore India are continuously reporting that there’s a lagginess /slowness

      occurring frequently while checking out a file say an assembly or a part from the vault and

      working it with SolidWorks 2018. The lagginess lagginess seems to be noticeable and it brings down

      the work productivity gradually. Even a File Card/Folder Card seems to load very slowly, it

      takes 50-60 Seconds to load. Get Latest version option takes a considerable amount of time@

      to load. A replicated drawing file of size 11 MB, takes 30 Minutes to load in SolidWorks 2018

      checked out from the vault. The mentioned time was observed from Performance

      Evaluation tool. At times, even navigating between the folders in the vault turn out to be

      time consuming.