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Need freelancer to help for 3D print to Polyjet

Question asked by Matthew Bell on Jun 15, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2018 by Christian Chu

I have a prototype model I need rebuilt/modified in Solidworks. It will be printed in 3D with a Polyjet printer and/or injection molded.

I work in 3dsMax and have a good design, but I haven't modeled for strength tolerances, flexibility, usability etc.

The Polyjet print services I have all talked with pretty much just print what you send them or tell you the print will fail or needs to be modified, they don't actually help with the design or fix the problems. I need a good model that is ready to be printed and can then be used in the real world.

The model is of a small clip, it has a firm inside skeleton with a softer overlay. I teach music to children, this would help me with one of our goals. I am just a regular guy but will pay once we agree on your fee.