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Cut list not updating

Question asked by Mike Hodson on Jun 14, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2018 by Mike Hodson

SW 2018 SP2.0


In order to give each weldment member a name, I rename them in the cut list, then put that in as a custom property.  Seems to work well.


I have copied a previous project.  The base of it is a weldment frame. So I want to update the cut list names so that the new weldment members have names that match the new project.  


I used pack and go to copy the design, renaming the weldment part and drawing file etc. 


That part worked well.   I did have to open the weldment part and manually rename them to match the new file name.


All the members do have the new 'cut list item name', the view names have all updated....everything seems good.


The problem is that the cut list table won't update to the new cut list names.  I have hit rebuild many times.  I have saved. I have saved and restarted SW.   It still wants to use the names from the original project.


In this first image, I have made a note that links to the custom property....the preview shows that it would be correct (the new project is 10748).  But as soon as I hit OK, the note changes to the old project number (10583). 


I have tried inserting a new weldment cut list table, it still grabs the old project, even though I have (assuminly) changed all instances of the old project number, to the new one.




Then this happens....

Wrong Name.JPG