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Box selection tool is not working on certain parts.

Question asked by Matt Thomas on Jun 14, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2018 by Matt Thomas

Ok, so attached is a file that came with the book im working out of. I am in version 2017 of SW. I have also attached a short video showing the issue i am having when creating exploded views.


Book says to use box selection to select the pulley and all of its internals once the main body has been lifted off. So i do that but for some reason, 19 ball bearings or so, do not get selected. I move all the parts but the bearings. I try just box select on the bearings and nothing selects. The only way to select them is in the feature tree under the solid bodies folder one by one. This takes time and extra non needed steps. any guesses as to why the box select is not working?




selection not working.gif